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5 Benefits of Worm Castings for Indoor Plants

Worm Castings for Indoor Plants Avoid: Worm castings = worm poop. But "casting" is a more polite way to describe the digested waste of your garden-grade earthworm, so we'll stick with it! Worm castings, unlike animal manure, provide plants and plants with rich nutrients and healthy bacteria, and are the secret superfood to help your indoor plants thrive. Five benefits of worm castings for indoor plants and how to make your own worm compost. Nutritious plant foods Worm castings contain a mixture of bacteria, enzymes, remains of plant material, and broken down animal manure (and other existing compost). These castings are rich in plant nutrients and contain 50% more humus (broken leaves and plant material) than regular topsoil. Castors also contain plant-essential minerals such as nitrates, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and potassium. They contain manganese, copper, cobalt, borax, zinc, iron, nitrogen and carbon. Safer than chemical fertilizer and animal manur

Cottage garden ideas to bring vintage charm to your landscape

 Cottage garden ideas  Cottage gardens are a popular style of gardening that combines the charm, romance and rusticity of rural life. They are characterized by an abundance of flowers, often in soft pastel colors, creating a whimsical and informal atmosphere. However, cottage-style gardens can seem complicated with so many elements happening in one place, from fencing to cobblestone paths, random flower beds and farm produce. All of these elements add personality and nostalgia to the space. We've rounded up some of the most inspiring garden ideas to help you successfully create your own fairytale outdoor space. 1. Plant Variety 2. Wildflower Patch 3. Climbing Roses 4. Fragrant Blooms 5. Informal Pathways 6. Cottage-Style Fencing 7. Perennials Galore

Outdoor Christmas decoration ideas to spread cheer and improve your mood

 Outdoor Christmas decoration ideas  When it comes to getting ready for the holidays, nothing sounds more "Christmassy" than a porch or yard decked out in beautiful ornaments and twinkling lights. Transforming your outdoor space into a winter wonderland spreads festive cheer and turns your home into a beacon of joy for neighbors and passers-by. So when you finish your indoor decoration covered with Christmas tree and bouquets, wreaths and garlands, turn your attention to outdoor spaces and make it a festive scene. 1. Classic elegance with red and green 2. Candy Cane Lane Walkway 3. Giant holiday decorations 4. Santa's sleigh and reindeer 5. Winter wonderland trees 6. Gift boxes 7. Pots on the stairs 8. Traditional wreath at the front door 9. Festive wreaths and wreaths

Ways to decorate your home with winter blooming bulbs

Even amid the holiday lights and tinsel, nature offers some of the season's most dazzling ornaments: bulbs poised to bloom indoors. Amaryllis, paper whites and hyacinths look stunning on their own, however, they can make an even bigger impact as centerpieces in a festive display. Take a cue from these 14 winter-blooming bulb decor ideas for tabletops, mantels, or anywhere else you could use a little extra cheer. 1. Sculptural Display The tall, clear vessel displays art pieces such as dogwood branches and butterfly amaryllis. Fill the bottom with white sand and a few small ornaments. 2. Twinkling Centerpiec Battery-operated fairy lights bring a little holiday sparkle to the amaryllis' wax floors. To keep the bulbs upright, their bases are hot-glued to small sourdough pans lined with pebbles. Clustered together, the bulbs make a beautiful holiday centerpiece; Individually, they make sweet gifts for hosts or party guests. 3. Gathered from Nature You probably already h

Amazing ideas for growing a vegetable garden in your backyard

After visiting a farm-to-table Airbnb in Washington, we were inspired to put together this article with amazing ideas for growing a vegetable garden in your backyard. The wonderful thing about vegetable and herb gardens is that they can be grown almost anywhere. You can place them in containers on your front porch, patio or balcony, or plant them in your backyard. Hydrangea Growing Tips Cottage Garden Ideas They can be raised beds or wooden/plastic barrels, galvanized tanks or a fenced garden to keep out rabbits and deer. Planting seeds in the soil and watching your vegetables grow is exciting. They'll be fresher and tastier than buying at the grocery store, not to mention the money you'll save feeding your family. 1. This beautiful garden has cucumbers and zucchini in the front right and yellow squash and onions in the back right. The bed borders are made of treated wood, while the pavement is 3/8″ crushed granite with dimensional cut watermark buff flagstone. Th

Here's how to change the color of your hydrangea

If your hydrangea flowers are pink instead of blue — or vice versa — there's a way to get the color you want. Here's how to change a hydrangea color to the perfect hue. The plant tags on your 'Endless Summer' hydrangeas promised beautiful sky-blue flowers—so why are the flowers completely pink? To learn how to change the color of hydrangeas, take a close look at the dirt they grow in. Here is the secret… It's in the soil! The key to color change for hydrangeas is whether the soil is acidic (low pH) or alkaline (high pH.) For hydrangeas to have a beautiful blue color, the soil should be on the acidic side, with a pH less than six. You can test this with a soil pH meter like this one. You can also check your hydrangea flowers: if they are pink, the soil is alkaline. Which hydrangea changes color? Before you think about changing your soil, know that not all hydrangeas change color. Hydrangeas with white or ivory flowers such as Oakleaf, 'Beige' or

Enchanting lighting ideas to create a fairy garden

One of the easiest and most effective ways to make your garden a magical place is to add some garden lights. It improves safety and security in your garden. Also, it can create different moods and effects, display your favorite plants, create a romantic atmosphere or brighten up your outdoor living area. In this article, we'll explore some of the best garden lighting ideas whether you want to create a cozy atmosphere, highlight your plants, or light up your paths. 1. String lights 2. Solar Powered Pathway Lights 3. Up-lighting 4. Down-lighting 5. Fairy lights in trees 6. Lanterns 7. Garden spotlights 8. Candle Garden 9. Garden Wall Sconces