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Cottage garden ideas to bring vintage charm to your landscape

Cottage gardens are a popular style of gardening that combines the charm, romance and rusticity of rural life. They are characterized by an abundance of flowers, often in soft pastel colors, creating a whimsical and informal atmosphere. However, cottage-style gardens can seem complicated with so many elements happening in one place, from fencing to cobblestone paths, random flower beds and farm produce. All of these elements add personality and nostalgia to the space. We've rounded up some of the most inspiring garden ideas to help you successfully create your own fairytale outdoor space. 1. Plant Variety 2. Wildflower patch 3. Climbing roses 4. Fragrant flowers 5. Informal pathways 6. Cottage-style fencing 7. Perennials Kalur 8. Climbing plants 9. Wildflower mix